Grit & Zest

Growing our students for now and the future- Grit and Zest in Learning

At Sawtry Village Academy every student is known, valued and supported to achieve for not only now but also the future. We believe in growing the minds of our young pupil and consider carefully what we value in order to develop this way of thinking in our students. In our classrooms we believe that two things can make a real difference to students on not only a daily basis but also in future life, they are Grit and Zest.

By nurturing passion, perseverance and stamina we encourage students to never give in when things are tough or hard. We want students to seek out challenges and to stick with them. By developing grit the next generation will be able to take on the hurdles and obstacles that life brings. Ultimately a life without challenge is a life of unknown potential. At Sawtry we value students being never afraid to stop even when failure has caused a setback.

Learning is a journey that is only started in school but continues for life. To be successful on this venture we encourage our students to be eager to explore new things, to take responsibility, to show enthusiasm and to actively participate in every lesson. We call this a zest for learning. We work relentlessly to inspire and open the minds of all those that attend.