Senior Tutor: Mrs D Saunders (

Assistant Principal: Mr P Baynes (

Student Support Assistant: Mrs D Dixon (

 Archers House is home to one-quarter of the main school (years 7 to 11) and comprises the English, Media Studies and Modern Foreign Languages departments.

Meet the team

Mrs L Campbell, additional tutor, cover supervisor
Mrs C Dornelly, tutor A-CD, English teacher
Mr R Hennig, tutor A-RH, English teacher
Mrs A Janjevak, tutor A-AJ, Modern Foreign Languages teacher
Mrs R Orpwood Price, tutor A-ROP, English teacher
Mrs I Poidevin, tutor A-IP, Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs N Richards, tutor A-NR, English teacher
Ms H Clark, tutor A-ES, Head of English
Captain Archers House Captains (Year 11) and Vice-Captains (Year 10)

(House Captain)
(House Captain)
(Vice Captain)
(Vice Captain)
ArchersViceCptnRC ArchersViceCptnSG  ArchersViceCptnHN  ArchersViceCptnPL

Our thanks go to our outgoing House Captains, Charlotte and Connor, for all their hard work this year.