Welcome to Oak House, the home of all sixth form students. For further information about the sixth form, please click on the sixth form tab.




Deputy Principal  – Simon Parsons  sparsons@sawtryva.org

Head of Sixth Form  –  Alan Carpenter, History acarpenter@sawtryva.org

Keystage 5 Raising Standards Leader –  Sharon Boyles, Computing sboyles@sawtryva.org

Student Support Officers Carolyn Harvey  charvey@sawtryva.org &

Hayley Weightman hweightman@sawtryva.org

(Please note, Carolyn and Hayley’s usual working hours are:

Carolyn, All day Monday, Tuesday morning & Wednesday morning.

Hayley, All day Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Tutor Team

Gary Kennedy O-GK, Business Studies, Subject Lead gkennedy@sawtryva.org

Maria Sharp O-MAS, Social Sciences, Subject Lead  msharp@sawtryva.org

Michelle McCloskey O-MCM, Director of Sport mmccloskey@sawtryva.org

Vikki Barnsley O-VB, Ethics, Subject Lead  vbarnsley@sawtryva.org

Andrew Kearney O-AK, History  akearney@sawtryva.org

Louise Burrows O-LB, Social Science  lburrows@sawtryva.org

Donna Morton O-DM, History, Subject Lead  dmorton@sawtryva.org

Sharon Boyles O-STB, Computing, KS5 RSL sboyles@sawtryva.org

Louisa Hay O-LH, Maths lhay@sawtryva.org

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or comments.

For Sixth Form absences please inform Hayley hweightman@sawtryva.org

We look forward to working with your son/ daughter, during their final years at the academy.