About Sixth Form

Welcome to Sawtry Village Academy Sixth Form

A word from our Head of Sixth Form

Sawtry Village Academy has a friendly and welcoming sixth form and we pride ourselves on strong student support and tutoring.

Our students tell us that they appreciate the level of independence we offer, and value the continuous support offered by teachers, tutors and colleagues.

We are very pleased that the Ofsted report from December 2015 stated:

16 to 19 study programmes are good
 Learners in the academy’s sixth form achieve well. Value-added data from 2014 and 2015 show that, from their starting points at the end of Year 11, learners made good progress overall across their chosen study programmes, including vocational courses and AS and A level subjects. Learners do particularly well in subjects such as English, textiles, media and languages, whereas results in mathematics and science subjects were less impressive this year.
 Learners in the sixth form retake English or mathematics GCSE if they do not already have at least a C grade. Pass rates in these resits are impressive.
 Sixth-form teaching has traditionally been a strength because the academy has been able to deploy teachers with strong subject knowledge. Sixth-form teachers and tutors have extensive experience in teaching this age group, and have established high expectations of what learners will achieve. Consequently, they set suitably ambitious targets for learners so that they expect to achieve well and are stretched in their learning.
 The quality of sixth-form teaching, learning and assessment is good and is carefully monitored. Sixth-form teachers expect learners to engage fully in lessons, and plan activities accordingly that require preparation and exchange of ideas. There is suitable emphasis on developing learners’ independent study skills and self-motivation, so they are well prepared for further study and employment.
 The sixth form has been well led and managed, although leadership of this part of the academy is currently in transition. Leaders have not fully implemented all the expectations of the 16 to 19 study programmes, but learners already have time allocated to charity work at the end of Year 12, and have the opportunity to gain work experience. Plans are in place to extend this more systematically for all current learners.
 Learners are positive about the guidance they receive about their next steps. Visits and visiting speakers focus on a range of options, including employment, apprenticeships and further education. The proportions of learners staying on in Years 12 and 13 are high, as are the numbers who progress into higher education.
 Provision for learners’ personal development and welfare is good, and is supported by a well-structured personal development programme. Sixth-form learners are very positive ambassadors for the academy and make a good contribution to the rest of the academy. They attend well and are good role models in terms of their attitudes and behaviour to younger pupils.

We look forward to welcoming students from the Sawtry catchment areas and from further afield to our sixth form. Come and pay us a visit, we know you’ll like what you see.

Alan Carpenter
Head of Sixth Form


YOU said  – WE did

We carry out a termly survey with both year 12 and 13. This gives students a chance to tell us what we are doing well and what things they would like to add or change in the sixth form.

  • Last term, we changed a rule that there should be no eating in the main sixth form centre. The centre had just been re-carpeted and decorated and we were keen to keep it clean and tidy. We are more than pleased to say that after the survey results, we allowed students to eat in the SFC and there is rarely any litter and the carpet has been kept clean.
  • Year 12 told us that they felt that they needed more guidance when applying to sixth form. In light of this we have organised sixth form students to buddy up with house tutor groups and year 11 students have had the chance to ask sixth formers questions. Also we invited all year 11’s into the sixth form during registration time at the start of January and they were given guidance in choosing subjects etc. from sixth form staff and students.
  • Students wanted a meeting with the cafe representative to have a say in what food is sold and the prices. This was organised and was very successful for both parties.

We look forward to future surveys.