Attendance and Reporting

Sixth Form Attendance


All sixth formers should be in tutor rooms between 8.45am and 8.55am each day. Student attendance is important as we have a full programme of activities for the registration period and give out notices. If students are marked absent with no reason given from registration and not subsequently marked present for a lesson, a call will be made to parents/ carers.

Students are expected to attend all lessons. We expect as near to 100% attendance as possible for registration and lessons.

If a student knows about an absence in advance then they must complete a ‘Request for Absence’ form which is available from Hayley or Carolyn in the Oak Hub.

For any unexpected absence a parent must inform the school of his/her absence before 9am. Please telephone 01487 833701, then choose the option of sixth form (Oak) absences and leave a clear message to include name, form and reason for absence or email Hayley at  If students are in school and need to leave due to illness etc, they must report to the medical room.

A sixth form student of Sawtry Village Academy will be expected to:

  • Attend registration every morning
  • Attend all lessons
  • Be punctual at all times
  • Attend assemblies
  • Attend all guidance interviews
  • Ask a parent/ carer to telephone the sixth form absence line, before 9am, of any unexpected absence leaving a clear message to include name, form and reason for absence.
  • Provide a Medical Certificate for absences of more than 7 consecutive school days

It is important to understand that if your attendance falls below 90% this may affect progress in examination subjects. This level of absence may trigger a meeting with parents and could result in you being required to pay for examination entries.