Well Being and Enrichment

Work Experience

We support students who wish to arrange professional work experience, please fill in this form and return to Hayley

Well Being

Being a sixth former can be stressful at times. Students have a significant workload and often have part time jobs which they are trying to juggle. We understand that some students may not cope as well as others and we will endeavour to support students through those difficult times. We put on a number of presentations from organisations on a variety of subjects throughout the year, who are there to help students and we hope these help.

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What is Enrichment?

  • providing opportunities for students to add something extra to their CV
  • encouraging team spirit and a sense of community
  • broadening and enriching the curriculum
  • providing more opportunities for students to enjoy their education

When is Enrichment?

The Enrichment Programme is every Wednesday period 4 and Friday period 1 for most year 12 students..

Enrichment Options

  1. Business Gold Dust
  2. Community Voluntary Work
  3. Entry level Certificate in Modern Foreign Languages National Qualification
  4. Science Laboratory Technician
  5. GCSE English Language Re-sit
  6. GCSE Mathematics Re-sit
  7. Duke of Edinburgh Award
  8. Extended Project Qualification
  9. Mentoring and helping out in a class
  10. Sports

Class and Student Support (CASS)

All students do one or two lessons of CASS each week, depending on their timetable. This involves helping out a teacher of their choice with a younger year class.

In addition, all students will follow a programme of Personal Health and Sexual Health delivered as part of the enrichment curriculum. Careers, university applications and study skills support is also offered as appropriate.

Examples of enrichment sessions have been a talk on self protection and how to keep safe followed by a practical self defence session, run by a qualified Jiu Jitsu teacher, a visit to Anglia Ruskin University to the UCAS convention and a talk on breast and testicular cancer awareness.

Sixth form self defence July 15