Year 13 Business participate in ICAEW Base Competition

Posted on March 16, 2017 by David Bridgeman

As part of the Sixth Form enrichment programme, four year 13 Business participated in the ICAEW Base Competition (9.3.17).  This took place in Milton Keynes and involved 13 schools participating in a business challenge (based on an actual examined component of the ACA qualification).  Each group produced a 5 minute presentation based on their analysis and evaluation of a 36 page portfolio.  They were supported by a business mentor. This presentation was delivered to industry experts.


Sophie Godward, Christopher Mayo, Charlotte Cooke and Holly Underwood produced a presentation of such quality that they reached the final.  This involved four groups making their presentation again to (amongst others) the Financial Director of Luton Airport.


As well as reaching the final, all four students benefitted from seeing their business knowledge and understanding being applied to the “real world”.