Questions from year 6 students

Any changes in your life take a bit of getting used to and joining an academy is no different. Some of the concerns I have picked up during my visits to primary schools include the following:

  • Will the teachers shout at me for being late if I get lost?’

It normally takes no more than four weeks to get your bearings. There will be lots of people willing to help you in Year 7 because they know what it feels like when you join the Academy. The most important thing is to try to keep as calm as possible and ask when you are not sure about something, however silly you think it might seem.

  • What if I am not with all my friends for some lessons?’


In the first term you will get to meet lots of students with similar interests and sense of humour as you. It does not take long for friendship groups to join up and before you know it your circle of friends gets bigger and bigger.


  • ‘What happens if I do not understand some of the work?’

The teachers at Sawtry Village Academy will be more than happy to help you if you need some extra explanation about something you are studying. It is really important that you speak to your subject teacher or tutor if you are worried about any aspect of your learning. If it is homework that is causing stress then ask your parents / carers to contact the Academy by writing in your student planner or to contact us via the e-mail address.

Note to Parents / Carers

From our experience the major worries that your child may have starting Year 7 relate mainly to social concerns. We have plenty of support in place at the Academy and it is vital that you or your child speak to his / her tutor if you are worried about anything.

Any concerns that need immediate attention can be flagged by contacting your child’s tutor through the Academy e-mail address; by phoning the Academy on 01487 830701 or by writing to the tutor via the student planner. E-mail is preferable and all tutors will try to respond as soon as they can. All tutors have a teaching role so cannot guarantee being able to come to the phone.

The Academy is also lucky enough to have very proactive older students who work with Year 7’s and liaise with tutors where there may be worries. These students will be introduced to the new intake at the start of term.

At first it is difficult for parents/carers to know how to get the balance right between giving you too much or not enough support in the first few weeks of secondary school. The most important thing in the first few weeks is to put aside at least ten minutes each night to discuss how the day has gone and make sure that homework is completed for each subject.

You know your children better than anyone and if after the first few days you are concerned about your child’s behaviour or if they are having difficulties sorting out issues it is best to contact your child’s tutor. This can be done by writing a message in the student planner, phoning the Academy on 01487 830701 or e-mailing the form tutor directly.