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Assistant Principal

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Senior Tutor

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Student Support Assistant

The Team:

Mrs C Wheeler Tutor: S-CW, Design & Technology (
Mr D Hughes Tutor: S-DH, Design & Technology (
Mrs D Larham Tutor: S-DL, Design & Technology (
Miss E Gilbert Tutor: S-EG, Design & Technology (
Mr I Leitch Tutor: S-IL, Design & Technology (
Mr J Pink Tutor: S-JP, Geography (
Mrs F McKay Support Assistant (
Mr K Kefford Tutor: S-KK, PE (
Mr M O’Keeffe Tutor: S-MK, Design & Technology (
Miss M Pritchard Tutor: S-MP, Design & Technology (
Miss M Lysak Cover Supervisor (


Saints House is home to one-quarter of the main school (years 7 to 11) and comprises of the Geography, Design & Technology and Child Development departments.


Food Technology hosts Christmas Cookery Club

For 6 weeks throughout November and December the Food Tech department organised Christmas cookery classes for KS3 students during session 6 on Wednesdays. The purpose of the classes was to improve their cookery knowledge and learn useful skills which they could put to the test in preparation for Christmas.

The classes were very popular with all sessions being fully subscribed. Students paid just £1 per session to learn a combination of basic and complex skills. As an added bonus, all the ingredients were included in the fee and students were able to take their finished products home. These included:

Week 1- Mince pies: short crust pastry making

Week 2- Christmas stained glass window biscuits

Week 3- Savoury Palmiers: cheese and pesto stuffed pastry swirls

Week 4- Christmas pudding cupcakes

Week 5- Sausage rolls

Week 6 – Gingerbread figures



A Hive of Creativity in Textiles

Year 10 is currently a hive of creativity with students making their first garment after spending weeks building up their skills and decoration techniques. Each student has completed a prototype for their corset top and are now developing their ideas further by adding patterns to their final designs.  Year 11 are prototyping their final design for their GCSE coursework. This year there is everything from duvets to costume designs, with students aiming to produce their final designs before Christmas.

Year 12 are contrasting their contemporary mobiles based on a seaside theme. The designs are even more elaborate this year compared to last year and will look wonderful when completed and on display in the textiles room. Year 13 are on the final straight of their personal investigation project which accounts for 60% of their A level grade. They are creating some exciting pieces of work based on subjects of their own choice. Their work will be on display in May next year so be prepared to be amazed.

Victoria Boyle (Vice Captain)


 Textile ‘seaside’ theme


Geography goes outdoors:

For this edition of the school magazine, we interviewed Mr Pink regarding the latest geography trips.  Here is a summary of some of the trips that have taken place together with those planned for a later date. Year 11s have recently been on a trip to Huntingdon in order to complete their Geography coursework. 117 students made the trip over 2 days to collect data for their coursework which counts towards 25% of their final exam mark. Year 8s went to Ramsey to collect field data and to gain experience of field work. Year 13s went to Holme Fen and Lady’s Wood near Upwood. This was to enable them to understand the difference between a managed woodland biome and a wild woodland area.  Also, Year 12s will be going on two types of field trip, one coastal and one urban environment trip, the data from which will be used for their exams.  In addition, a group of 6th form students made the journey to Cambridge University for a Geographical Association lecture about Ebola which they found both informative and helpful.

John Moody (House Captain) and Morgan Davis (Vice Captain)


Halloween Bazaar

There were spooky goings on when Saints students recently organised a Halloween Bazaar. They came up with lots of fun ideas for the lunchtime event which included scary face painting, a monster obstacle course, skeleton gingerbread men, Halloween balloons and much more. The money raised went towards helping to buy new teaching and learning equipment for the Academy which is above and beyond what we normally have access to.

halloween-facepainting-2016    halloween-balloons


New House Captains

We are very pleased to announce that Saints have two new House Captains – John Moody (S-EG) and Anna Mitchell (S-MP) and two new Vice Captains – Victoria Boyle (S-EG) and Morgan Davis (S-JP).  Their roles involve attending regular meetings with Senior Tutors and feeding back student opinions, helping organise student events and competitions with and between each House and representing the Saints House at Open evenings and other school events.

Here are Morgan, Anna, Victoria and John proudly holding the ‘House Cup’ which Saints won at the end of July 2016! Well done to everyone in Saints for all their hard work obtaining credits and taking part in the inter-house challenges. Lets try and win it again next year – we can do it!


KS3 – Green Britain Eco-Centre Trip – 16 December 2015              

If students would like to attend the Eco-Centre trip on 16 December they must return their reply slip to Mrs Ford in the Finance Office by Friday 4 December.   Attending this trip will mean that they will have completed their Bronze Environmental Pledge.  The trip will explore the world of renewable energy, look at transportation for the future, create a wind turbine using a turbine kit, participate in a recycling challenge, explore different electric and wind powered vehicles and discover new wildlife in their gardens.

If students are unable to attend the trip then you will be participating in environmental activities within the classroom in their tutor groups.

Saints Pledge Day; ‘The Environment – small steps can make big changes’.

The students were asked to survey the site, decide which areas were the nicest places to be and which were the worst and then make recommendations about what could be done to improve the site and make it a nicer place to be.

The image shows what they came up with; small changes can make a big difference to what students feel about the school site

siants pledge day






Saints League Table

Each week every tutor group competes in the Saints league table challenge.  This league table is based on the highest number of credits in each form, the lowest number of behaviour points and students attendance.  Each week a tutor group is declared as winner and their picture is put up on our Saints hot-board for everyone to see!  Then at the end of every half term final figures are added up and an overall winner declared.  For our first half term the winners of this League Table were:  S-DS and S-CR(DG).  As a reward for all their hard work and good attendance they were given the option to either play Dodgeball in the Sports hall, or play board games, during AM registration on 3rd November.

IMG_0054.DodgeBall.FormGrpWiners.Term1  IMG_0028.DodgeBall.FormGrpWiners.Term1  IMG_0021.Games&Sweets.FormGrpWiners.Term1  IMG_0020.Games&Sweets.FormGrpWiners.Term1


House Captains

We are very pleased to announce that Saints now have two House Captains – Skye Jay (S-DG) and Stuart Whaley (S-KK) and two Vice Captains – Catalena Wallington (S-JP) and James Cooper (S-DL).  Their roles will attending regular meeting with Senior Tutors and feedback student opinions, to help organise student events and competitions with and between each House and represent the house at Open evening and other school events.  We wish them the very best in their new roles!

Saints House Captains


Knitting Challenge

The ‘house’ challenge for our first half term was the ‘knitting challenge’.  All Houses took part and Saints decided to ‘tree-bomb’ a tree next to the Saints House office.  Students worked really hard on this challenge and produced an array of some very interesting knitting!  Well done to everyone who took part – results of who won the overall House competition to be announced soon!



This term’s challenge is Chess!