Mr P Baynes

Assistant Principal

Mrs D Saunders

Senior Tutor

Mrs D Dixon

Student Support Assistant

Meet the team

Mrs L Campbell, additional tutor, cover supervisor
Mrs C Dornelly, tutor A-CD, English teacher
Mr R Hennig, tutor A-RH, English teacher
Mrs A Janjevak, tutor A-AJ, Modern Foreign Languages teacher
Mrs R Orpwood Price, tutor A-ROP, English teacher
Mrs I Poidevin, tutor A-IP, Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs N Richards, tutor A-NR, English teacher
Ms H Clark, tutor A-ES, Head of English
Captain Archers House Captains (Year 11) and Vice-Captains (Year 10)

(House Captain)
(House Captain)
(Vice Captain)
(Vice Captain)

Our thanks go to our outgoing House Captains, Charlotte and Connor, for all their hard work this year.