Year 7 Extension Tasks

Year 7 Extension Task

If you complete any or all of these, they will be marked by your teacher at the end of projects and increase your grade.


1.Draw 3 animals that have different textures (e.g. a crocodile, a bird and fish). Use TONE (shading) to show FORM (the shape of the creature). Here is a demonstration.

2 .Look at the work from this artist. Copy part of one of their pictures. Write next to it what story you think the painting is telling (you can’t get this wrong as it’s all about what you think).

3.Watch this video. Try and follow the instructions to create the same artwork.

4.Visit a gallery or an art shop. Buy/take something that shows the artwork on display (postcard, magazine and flier). Glue this in your book and write what you thought of it when you stood in front of it. What did you notice first? Why? Do you think seeing it in real life made it more interesting?
5.Use a medium (e.g. watercolour paint, charcoal, pastels, etc) that you have never used before to capture a picture of an animal. You can Google how to do this very easily.