A Level Art Competition

Thirty students from all key stages enjoyed an evening Art trip to Northampton University to attend the Private View and Prize Giving of the Northampton University A Level Art Competition. The competition has become very popular and the number of schools entering has risen form six in 2014 ( including Sawtry ) to twenty-two this year. Despite this all fifty pieces from Sawtry VA were exhibited including paintings, drawings, photographs and textiles.

Unfortunately there were no Sawtry VA winners in the individual categories but the best was left to last as Alfie Lawford’s painting ‘ Aging Sentimentality’ was announced as the ‘Best in the Show, winning £100.

The exhibition was tremendously inspirational to all our KS3/4/5 students. In addition to the amazing exhibition and prize giving the Head of Art and Principal Lecturer gave everyone a guided tour of the foundation, B.A and M.A studios and workshops which the studios found incredibly insightful.

A very enjoyable and informative evening enjoyed by our dedicated artists of all ages.