Applying to University by O-PC

Over the last few weeks’ year 13 have been finalising personal statements for their UCAS applications to universities. This is an exciting and nerve-racking time as students decide on their future career choices and assess their predictions in order to select appropriate universities. There is an awful lot to consider and completing the process can be time consuming and stressful. For some courses once the applications are over students will then need to prepare for interviews and assessment days in order to secure a place. Two students from O-PC have shared their experiences of the application process. Both students recommend getting relevant work experience and applying early. They have both received offers for their chosen courses already and the application deadline is not until January.

Jess’ Experience

The process of applying to university was quite simply the hardest and most important thing I’ve ever had to do. Especially since I chose medicine, this had a lot of extras I needed to do. There are specific entrance exams you need to take and it is an incredibly competitive course. As such very few people get places, and having the odds stacked against you from the start of the application process. I can’t downplay how scary it was, or how tired I got, or how much I started doubting myself. Everyone will react differently, but everyone will get invaluable support from the 6th form team. Form tutors are incredibly helpful when it comes to this and they are your main source of support. I know Miss Calder is the major reason I got through this process in one piece, she gave up so much of her time to help me and she always made sure I was doing okay throughout. Sawtry Village Academy, as a community, put a great deal of care into student’s wellbeing during this process as well as the end result. 

Oscar’s Perspective

I have applied to do aerospace engineering at UWE, Sheffield, Nottingham and Leeds. I complied my personal statement including my academic strengths, personal qualities and my suitability for the course. Overall, I didn’t find the process very stressful because I started early. I would recommend starting early to the current year 12’s. I have successfully secured a place at UWE and by applying so early it has meant I have got my offers back early. I can now focus on achieving my grades.