Masks on display in Hinchingbrooke hospital by Year 8 art students

Visitors, staff and patients have all enjoyed the display of masks created by Sawtry VA year 8 art students. In particular young children have stopped and admired the masks which can be seen in the glass display cabinets in the entrance foyer of the hospital.  The display includes masks from the following students: Hannah Pollard, Mia Edwards, Matilda McEwan, Tom Game, Mackenzie Carrington, Lily Holt, Olivier Sparks, Zoe Etherington, Mia Keightley, Kubatan Thomson, Natalie Bate, Jacob McCaffrey, Beth McMillan, Freya Greenley, Joshua Cornwell, Abbie Gosling, Claudia Styles, Rebecca Dickenson, Lucy England, Bex Pettit, Jack Shipton, Jessica Stannard, Callum Patel, Euan Mullen, Niamh Kirk, Max Cave.

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