Year 7 Pinchpot animals on display at Hinchingbrooke hospital

Year 7 students were delighted that their pinchpot animals created in their Art lessons have been selected to be displayed at Hinchingbrroke hospital. Beverley Balls the Patient Services Lead at the hospital commented ‘ they have only been on display one day and already visitors and patients are commenting how lovely they are’. The following students have their pinchpots on display:

Sasha Walton-Salmon, Clarke Buchan, Iris Austin, Jack Ratcliffe, Rubens Christopher, Kiera  White, Paige Noades, Lucy Jenner, Alphie Archer, Preston Parkes, Ajay Mansfield, Lorenzo Luiz, Riley Goymour, Thomas Stephenson, KieranKehoe, Rowan Paternoster, Daniella Brown

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