Art and Photography Trip to Cambridge Regional College

On Thursday 18th June KS4/5 Art and Photography students enjoyed an Art trip to Cambridge Regional College where they were given a guided tour of the Art workshops and studios within the College. After the tour there was time to look around the Art Foundation Diploma Course. The highlight of the day was the Photography workshop where students were able to develop their own Photograms.

Hollie May –  ‘I like the originality of the work in the Foundation display and it made me feel inspired as we left.’ Harvey Foster – ‘ I really enjoyed the day and would give 10/10.’  Georgina Chambers – ‘ the trip made me think more about what I would like to do in the future.’ Olivia Marshall – ‘I found the Foundation Exhibition inspiring and it left me with an urge to create. I also really enjoyed the Photography Workshop and developing my own negatives and I got some really good outcomes.’  Tamisa Martin – ‘ This trip gave a good insight into what life after sixth form will be like.’ Holly Warcup – ‘ I enjoyed the whole day and it gave me a taste of the Foundation Course that I will be on next year!’