Duke Of Edinburgh Trip, by Morgan

On 29th October 2017 our DofE group journeyed out to Ferry Meadows to go canoeing. The 8 intrepid adventurers canoed for about 5 hours through the nearby lakes and rivers; and, thanks to the help of Mr. Pink, learned a barrage of techniques that we could use to succeed at canoeing and prepare us for our trip to Wales. We learned how to paddle the boat as a pair and communicate with our partners, as well as how to work as a group to lift our canoes out of the water and back.

Once we were in the water, we had a few practice elements to learn, and to do this we went on a short trip around the small lake surrounding the sports centre, then, after a short break, we proceeded to navigate our way through the rivers and streams learning how to deal with their currents and shallow waters.

Overall the day was a great learning experience for everyone involved and helped us gain our footing in a canoeing environment.

We’d like to thank Mr Bridgeman, Mr Wilson, Mr Pink and Mr Carpenter.