Sawtry Sixth Form is Outstanding!

We were delighted to be awarded an Ofsted rating of Outstanding for the Sixth Form in January 2018

This was the summary, ‘The sixth form provides an outstanding education. Achievement overall has been significantly above average for the previous two years. Strong teaching and a very supportive pastoral system are enabling students to follow ambitious career pathways’

The detailed report says:

Published outcomes for students show that progress has been significantly above average across a broad range of subjects for two years.
 The leaders of the sixth form, well supported by the senior leadership of the school, have high expectations of what they provide for their students. Students are overwhelmingly positive about the support they receive from the sixth-form team and teachers. The regular feedback they receive is helping students to improve the quality
of their work, both for coursework and examination questions.
 When students do fall behind with their studies or show signs of under-performance, the sixth-form team is quick to identify the students and offer a package of support, which is usually successful. The inspectors saw clear evidence of intervention bringing about a significant improvement in the progress of individual students.
 There is a suitably broad choice of subjects available for students to study.
 The retention rate of students moving from Year 12 to 13 is high.
 The attendance of students is high.
 Destinations of leavers reveal how ambitious the students are. A large majority move onto higher education and almost all move onto sustained education, employment or training.
 Students are confident learners and demonstrate high levels of personal, social and employability skills as a result of the personalised programme of activities available during their studies. These activities include the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme,  Extended Project Qualification, charity work, art and music projects and the young
technician course. There are also leadership opportunities, for example refereeing sports fixtures, chairing the sixth-form council and being a subject ambassador.
 Students benefit from high-quality and impartial careers advice for both higher education and employment pathways. There is a range of activities provided, such as university and industry visits as well as visiting speakers. The sixth-form team supports students in gaining work experience, which has included placements with local and
national employers. Students stated that they feel strongly supported in all their choices.
 Rigorous monitoring undertaken by the leaders allows them to have a sound understanding of the strengths and areas for improvement for the sixth form.
 When there is underperformance in a subject, leaders respond promptly to devise an appropriate action plan, which is monitored regularly. The improvement of some subjects at A level has been rapid over the last three years, including mathematics.
 Students’ concerns are listened to and, where appropriate, acted on to improve theirprospects.
 Appropriate provision is made for students to gain a strong pass in GCSE mathematics and/or English. Students benefit from tuition from specialised staff, and a large majority successfully gain the necessary grades.
 Homework is set regularly and students stated that the precise written feedback contributed to their progress over time.

The result is something to celebrate for staff, students and parents alike and we would like to thank students and parents for their input in the Ofsted inspection to help us gain outstanding!