Skydiving Student!

My name is Lulu Dawson and on the Sunday 3rd December I completed a skydive which was 1300ft high at the Beccles Airfield in Suffolk. It was an incredible experience and I strongly recommend that if you have the chance to skydive you should face your fears and take the jump. The reason I decided to put myself through this was because I had always wanted to do a skydive and since the charity Children of Adam were hosting it I decided why not? I managed to raise £395 with the help of family and friends.

Myself and some friends arrived at Beccels airfield at 8 am on Sunday 3rd December. As we arrived we were taken to the equipment building where the parachutes and outfits were (of course they don’t understand fashion, so I ended up wearing a purple and yellow suit). We were given a quick briefing about how to position ourselves before and during the jump, and how to land correctly. My name was called first along with 2 friends so we got ready and met our instructors. My instructor was called Andy and the photographer was called Callum. As we reached 1200ft Andy tried to reassure me but it surprised him when I was excited. As I looked out of the plane window we were above the clouds and that’s when it started to sink in – that I was about to jump out of a plane.

I was last to jump out of the plane and as I was dangling off the side of this plane I felt the adrenaline rush through my body, then we jumped into the clouds, which was such a thrill. We were free falling for about 5 seconds then the pilot chute came out so we were balanced whilst falling. Once the parachute opened all I could see was white because it was quite a cloudy day. Andy said I could lift my goggles up as they got steamy and I could see a whole lot better. As it was cloudy we couldn’t see the floor so I asked my instructor if he knew where he was going, he jokingly said no, but as we emerged from the clouds I saw the big yellow X where we had to land. As we came into land I got into the landing position and landed smoothly. Andy detached our harnesses I thanked him for the opportunity then ran to my dad and hugged him. I found my friends and hugged them, as we were all happy that we managed to complete the jump.

It was an unforgettable experience which some people may be afraid of but for some unknown reason I was smiling the entire time.