Sports News -Fixtures and Results

Session 6 Training

Starts at 3pm and finishes at 4pm.

Upcoming Fixtures – Mobile Number to contact PE Member of staff in an emergency – 07920297937

Monday 19th February  Year 11 Badminton at Ernulf.

Leave Sawtry 3.15pm. Return 6.15pm.

Tuesday 20th February
Wednesday 21st February Year 7 Hockey, Year 8 & 9 Netball at St Ivo.                                 

Leave Sawtry 3.15pm. Return 6pm.

Thursday 22nd February Year 7 & 10 Football at Sawtry v St Ivo.

Kick-Off 4pm. Finish 5.15 pick up.

Year 8 & 9 Football at St Ivo.

Leave Sawtry 3.15pm. Return to Sawtry 5.45pm.

Year 7 Netball at Sawtry v Hampton

Start 3.45pm, finish 4.45pm pick up.

Friday 23rd February