Well Being and Enrichment

What is Enrichment?

  • providing opportunities for students to add something extra to their CV
  • encouraging team spirit and a sense of community
  • broadening and enriching the curriculum
  • providing more opportunities for students to enjoy their education

When is Enrichment?

The Enrichment Programme is every Wednesday period 5 and Friday period 3 for most year 12 students..

Enrichment Options

Enriching your studies

Our Enrichment programme is all about making you more appealing to universities and employers. Taking place one afternoon per week throughout year 12 and 13, there are a wide variety of options on offer. These include:

Professional work shadowing: get valuable experience of a career you’re interested in by taking a regular placement every week.

Community voluntary work: highly rewarding and great for an application form, you could undertake to work with charities supporting the aged, disabled, disadvantaged or homeless.

Business Gold Dust: an opportunity to learn more about careers in accountancy, finance and business, meet potential employers, strengthen your CV and take part in a national competition.

Science laboratory technician: work alongside the Science Technician team to prepare materials for lessons. Ideal for someone interested in a career that involves lab work.

GCSE re-sits: a one year course for those who have not achieved grade 4 or higher in GCSE English Language or Maths; vital qualifications for career success.

Duke of Edinburgh Award: an adventure from beginning to end, with Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. Involves volunteering, physical, skills and expedition activities and, for Gold level, a residential course. Great for building confidence, skills and life experiences.

Extended Project Qualification: a course that stretches high performing A level students by demonstrating their independent learning skills. EPQ students plan, deliver and present a project that extends their studies, with a 5,000 word report or film/portfolio/model with commentary.

Sport: build your teamwork and motivation skills by playing regular sport, including football, cricket basketball, dodgeball, handball, badminton, volleyball, netball and tennis.

In-class student support: all sixth formers have the opportunity to support younger students in a teaching assistant role, and potentially assist individual students that need extra help. Great experience for someone interested in a career in education.

In addition, all students will follow a programme of Personal Health and Sexual Health delivered as part of the enrichment curriculum. Careers, university applications and study skills support is also offered as appropriate.



We run a full registration programme

Sixth Form students are in form groups of about 23 (mixed year 12 & year 13) , supported by a tutor. Daily registration (8.45-9am) includes a programme of planned activity, which varies through the year. Activities include: themed weekly assemblies, guidance on how to study post-16, careers guidance, current affairs, student celebration & problem-solving challenges.

Senior Student Roles

We think it is very important to give students the opportunity to take an active role in the school, senior students are invaluable in the work they do and we always look forward to starting the new process around Easter time each year.

The roles available each year are:

  1. Head Boy & Head Girl (for whole school)
  2. Senior 6th form leaders x10 (male/female per House)
  3. Subject Ambassadors

Please see below for the job descriptions of each role, if you are interested and have any questions please talk to Hayley and the current student in that role. Look out for the applications form in March.

General Roles

  • To expect the highest standards of all SVA students
  • To share responsibility for managing the Common Room and keeping it clean and tidy
  • To promote all events connected with School and Sixth Form and to support those directly involved
  • To attend the Sixth Form Open Evening, Presentation Evening and Induction Days in June/ July as a representative of the school and sixth form and other events as directed by the Head of 6th Form

Head Boy and Girl 

This role is open to any year 12 student.


To the Deputy Principal and the Head of Sixth Form.

Represents the whole school

Responsibilities include …

  • Co-ordinating of the 6th Form student team
  • Chairing and organising 6th form committee meetings
  • Organising/supporting school events/evenings
  • Chairing Oak house student committee meetings
  • Liaising with the Principal on whole school matters
  • Delivering a 6th form assembly once/ twice a year
  • Ensure high standards of behaviour, focus and tidiness in the Common Room
  • Help maintain up-to-date alumni register
  • Organise social events 

Requires …

  • Good organisational and communication skills essential
  • Enthusiastic commitment
  • Focus on being a role model

Senior 6th form leaders x10 (male/female per House, assist eg with charity, sport, competition, PLEDGES)

  • The two senior 6th form leaders for Oak, deputise for Head Boy/Girl


To Assistant Principal (AP) and Head of House (HoH) for House duties and to Head Boy/Girl for whole school duties.

Responsibilities include …

  • To attend regular meetings with their AP and Senior Tutor
  • Attending House meetings when required
  • Supporting House Assemblies
  • To organise/support House events, with other 6th form leaders
  • Being a representative at major school occasions
  • Ensure high standards of behaviour, focus and tidiness in the Common Room
  • Help maintain up-to-date alumni register
  • Organise And support social events

Requires …..

  • Good organisational and communication skills essential
  • Enthusiastic commitment
  • Focus on being a role model

Subject Ambassadors (one per subject)

Responsibilities include …

  • Represent the subject at Open Evening
  • Speak to prospective students who want to know a bit more about the subject, including visiting Y11 tutor groups on request
  • Support in the Year 12 Induction process
  • Attend an Annual Sixth Form Teaching and Learning Conference in September. This will involve all the ambassadors bringing one example of something that really has helped their learning in their subject. These examples will each then be shared with all attendees.
  • Prepare and feedback regarding the above conference. This will involve meeting their subject leader in advance of the meeting to discuss and agree the example of best practice then meeting after the conference to share the ideas which would be most applicable to the subject.
  • Attend the follow-up meeting in March to feedback which ideas have been successfully implemented

Requires …..

  • Good organisational and communication skills essential
  • Enthusiastic commitment
  • Focus on being a role model

 Thank you to the 2016 – 2017 team, you are doing a great job!

Work Experience

We support students who wish to arrange professional work experience, please fill in this form and return to Hayley

Well Being

Being a sixth former can be stressful at times. Students have a significant workload and often have part time jobs which they are trying to juggle. We understand that some students may not cope as well as others and we will endeavour to support students through those difficult times. We put on a number of presentations from organisations on a variety of subjects throughout the year, who are there to help students and we hope these help.

Please find below some useful links:





We are pleased to support Cambs Drive IQ 


‘A virtual experience. Improve skills such as anticipating danger, hazard detection, risk management and eye scanning. Understand key dangers such as distraction and peer pressure and learn how to build coping strategies to stay safe’.

We have recently hosted representatives from Drive IQ at an assembly to highlight the importance of safe driving and now all students have registered and are being given time to complete the modules.