Sixth Form News

Oak House win Bake off !

To get all teachers and students in the Christmas mood, we had a bake sale- with a difference on 28th November.  All proceeds going to the School Fundraising Pot.

Each House had to prepare 3 cakes. These cakes had to be baked by staff! The cakes must have a Christmas theme.

Points will be awarded for presentation and taste.

House Captains and Deputies will did a blind taste test- points were added to House totals and then a cake sale  followed with slices of cake being sold at break and/or lunch.

So, Oak House staff took on the challenge and Hayley, Miss Hay and Mr Carpenter volunteered to take part.

We were delighted to receive the following message following the Sawtry Bake Off:

The house captains enjoyed tasting and judging all the cakes.

They have selected the overall winner which is the amazing Christmas Present cake made by Hayley in Oak house…congratulations!

 All cakes were judged on presentation and taste.


  1. Present cake – Oak House
  2. Christmas Pudding cake- Oak House
  3. Chocolate log with snowman – Saints


  1. Chocolate log with stars – Saints
  2. Cheesecake Oreo – Norman
  3. Carrot cake – Ermine

Here are the Oak House entries and winning cakes



Sixth Form Golden Ticket Awards, 21st November 2017

In follow up to the 6th form council’s review of reward, over the last couple of weeks a number of golden tickets have been in circulation, for award to 6th formers who have done something good, either in and outside of class.

Yesterday, we held our first prize draw. Golden tickets were won by the students listed below, and the lucky winner was Emily Browning, who chose a £10 Amazon voucher.

Emily, Browning, Molly Joyce, Freya Walton, Louis Crisp, Jamie Partis-Nelson, Alex Bolton, Josh Gadd, George Lankfer, Kathryn Paternoster

Further golden ticket draws will be held during the year, the next in a couple of weeks’ time.


Local Firm catalyst for Sawtry student science awards, Friday 17th November 2017

Five students at Sawtry Village Academy were the proud recipients of science awards as part of a burgeoning partnership with chemical processor Safapac.

Picture caption: Martin Steele, chairman of Safapac Holdings, presents the awards to students.

The sixth form students who were recognised by Safapac for excellent GCSE results in science were (L to R):

Kathryn Paternoster for BTEC Applied Science, Emma Hunt for chemistry, Jake Smith for physics, and Megan Childs for biology, while Katie Wright in Year 12 was also recognised for her overall GCSE results. 

The students (pictured) received their awards for high performance in chemistry, physics, biology, applied science, and overall performance in adversity, with Safapac awarding £100 Amazon vouchers for each student.

The partnership began in 2016 when a group of students toured the Safapac facilities heralding the start of a series of investments from the firm, including subsidising school trips, organising laboratory tours and experiments, as well as purchasing science equipment for the school.

The investment is part of a bid to encourage uptake of science by students and showcase the career opportunities on offer.

According to a Science Industry Partnership report in 2016[i], it is estimated the science industries will require between 180,000 – 260,000 new staff between now and 2025. Of these up to 142,000 are expected to be professional level jobs, along with 73,000 technical level jobs. The remainder would be in customer service, administrative and elementary occupations. 

John Blaydes, technical director at Safapac, said the company, along with Howsafe who have provided health and safety equipment to the school, wanted to support the academy as much as possible, while also demonstrating what a science-based career can offer:

“We felt there was a need to show students a real-world example of what science qualifications can lead to. There’s many opportunities for students to get into science-based careers and sometimes there’s a mistaken belief that you must go to university to get these jobs, but it’s not always the case.

“So it’s really important we build links between us, the wider business community and local schools and demonstrate the relation between science at school and the ‘outside world’”.

Michelle Garrod, science curriculum leader at Sawtry Village Academy, said the students had really engaged with the subject matter:

“The relationship between Safapac and the Academy has really opened up students’ eyes to the world of science and the many different career pathways within it.

“The investment of time Safapac has and will continue to give to Sawtry Village Academy is invaluable. The next step is for sixth-form students to gain some valuable work-based professional experience with Safapac and stimulate many students for years to come to look towards the science industry as an interesting and rewarding career.”

John added that Safapac would be canvassing other local suppliers to support the Academy and take part in the initiative:

“If any businesses or suppliers can help with this or would like to get involved, we’d welcome their support.”

To offer your support to Safapac and Sawtry Village Academy, please email

Mathematics in Action lecture, Warwick University

A group of 15 A level Mathematics students travelled to Warwick University to attend their annual Mathematics in Action lecture. The presentation demonstrated to us how Maths can be applied in real life situations such as differentiation in medicine and probability in voting and sport.

The first lecture was held by Dr Sara Jabbari who spoke to us about finding new antibiotics to treat MRSA and how differentiation and complex simultaneous equations are essential parts of the process. Next Matthew Good presented the pros and cons of various voting systems and the mathematics behind them. It was then the turn of author and director of a BBC documentary, Simon Singh, to discuss the origin of Fermat’s Last Theorem and various mathematicians who have tried to prove the 356-year-old unsolved mystery. It was an incredibly interesting tale of how Andrew Wiles eventually solved the problem after devoting about 8 years of his life to it.

The final lecture of the day was from Tom Crawford who combined Maths and Physics to speak passionately about how the trajectory of different sized sports balls travel more or less, depending on where they are in the world. He was very engaging and even invited members of the audience to take part in a penalty shootout.

Overall, the day was extremely enjoyable and gave us an insight into how Maths is applied in everyday life as well as the opportunity to see a campus based university.

Lewis Baldry and Nancy Wilkins (year 12 maths students)


Applying to University by O-PC

Over the last few weeks’ year 13 have been finalising personal statements for their UCAS applications to universities. This is an exciting and nerve-racking time as students decide on their future career choices and assess their predictions in order to select appropriate universities. There is an awful lot to consider and completing the process can be time consuming and stressful. For some courses once the applications are over students will then need to prepare for interviews and assessment days in order to secure a place. Two students from O-PC have shared their experiences of the application process. Both students recommend getting relevant work experience and applying early. They have both received offers for their chosen courses already and the application deadline is not until January.

Jess’ Experience

The process of applying to university was quite simply the hardest and most important thing I’ve ever had to do. Especially since I chose medicine, this had a lot of extras I needed to do. There are specific entrance exams you need to take and it is an incredibly competitive course. As such very few people get places, and having the odds stacked against you from the start of the application process. I can’t downplay how scary it was, or how tired I got, or how much I started doubting myself. Everyone will react differently, but everyone will get invaluable support from the 6th form team. Form tutors are incredibly helpful when it comes to this and they are your main source of support. I know Miss Calder is the major reason I got through this process in one piece, she gave up so much of her time to help me and she always made sure I was doing okay throughout. Sawtry Village Academy, as a community, put a great deal of care into student’s wellbeing during this process as well as the end result. 

Oscar’s Perspective

I have applied to do aerospace engineering at UWE, Sheffield, Nottingham and Leeds. I complied my personal statement including my academic strengths, personal qualities and my suitability for the course. Overall, I didn’t find the process very stressful because I started early. I would recommend starting early to the current year 12’s. I have successfully secured a place at UWE and by applying so early it has meant I have got my offers back early. I can now focus on achieving my grades.

Duke Of Edinburgh Trip, by Morgan

On 29th October 2017 our DofE group journeyed out to Ferry Meadows to go canoeing. The 8 intrepid adventurers canoed for about 5 hours through the nearby lakes and rivers; and, thanks to the help of Mr. Pink, learned a barrage of techniques that we could use to succeed at canoeing and prepare us for our trip to Wales. We learned how to paddle the boat as a pair and communicate with our partners, as well as how to work as a group to lift our canoes out of the water and back.

Once we were in the water, we had a few practice elements to learn, and to do this we went on a short trip around the small lake surrounding the sports centre, then, after a short break, we proceeded to navigate our way through the rivers and streams learning how to deal with their currents and shallow waters.

Overall the day was a great learning experience for everyone involved and helped us gain our footing in a canoeing environment.

We’d like to thank Mr Bridgeman, Mr Wilson, Mr Pink and Mr Carpenter.



London Institute of Banking and Finance,

The LIBF (London Institute of Banking and Finance) delivered an assembly to our Sixth Form (and selected year 11’s) today.  The theme was to highlight the importance of financial awareness but also to highlight the exceptional performance of our current year 13 Financial Studies students.  Out of 600 schools who study the Certificate in Financial Studies, our students performance was in the top 1%.  77% of students attained either an A* or an A.  All these students received a formal recognition of outstanding achievement from the LIFB.

Well done Mr Kennedy and the all the Financial Studies students

Cambridge University Visit, by Katie O-AK

On Tuesday the 5th of October 2017, I was part of a group of sixth form students who were invited to visit Gonville and Caius college in Cambridge. We were given a talk on student life at Cambridge university, as well as more general university related information which many of us- especially us year 12’s- were unaware of. This included information on student support and bursaries, as well as how accommodation works at Cambridge. The talk also dispelled some myths about applying for Oxbridge colleges, provided useful information that I was previously unaware of- such as how you can’t apply for both Oxford and Cambridge, for example- and certainly made me more confident in giving application a go next year! Cambridge university revealed itself to be much more accessible to state school students than I had previously thought, and Oxbridge as a whole has a much more intensive network of student support with weekly (or twice weekly) one-on-one meetings with academics and department members. We were also given tips for bolstering our personal statements and the sorts of things that competitive universities look for, as well as how the Oxbridge application process differs from other universities.

After this, we were given a tour of the college grounds and the library, which was basically a smaller version of Hogwarts! We were shown how extensive the resources provided for students are, and the fact that one out of thirty-three colleges had such a huge library impressed me greatly. We also ate lunch in the hall alongside actual students of the college and got experience of student life first-hand. Overall, it was a very useful trip and has made me more confident in applying for more competitive universities. I also enjoyed the freedom we were given, as we were also able to explore Cambridge city centre which gave us a feel of what it might me like to study there.

Results Day August 2017

We are so proud of our year 13 students, good luck in the future, we’ll miss you.

Financial Studies News

The final results for the Certificate in Financial Studies are in.  This professional banking qualification (which carries a UCAS tariff) was introduced at the start of this academic year and the outstanding results we achieved are a testament to the commitment and focus of the students.  Sawtry Village Academy is the place to be if you want to achieve outstanding results with new, professional courses.

82.35% of students achieved an A* or an A.  Special praise to Chloe Hawkins and Jordan Redhead who have both improved their grade during the review process.

Congratulations to the newly appointed Head Boy & Girl 2017 – 2018


“We are thrilled to be representing the school as Head Boy and Head Girl, and we look forward to working with the senior leadership team to ensure the opinions of the students are heard and acted on. We aim to be figures all students can speak to and trust in. The other candidates ideas will be heard and we hope they will still work with the school in other high responsibility roles” Hannah Williams and Tommy Walters


They were wished the best of luck from our outgoing Head Boy and Girl, Chris Mayo and Almira Hussain.






Certificate in Financial Studies (CeFS)

Certificate in Financial Studies students’ sat their third formal exam today.  This is worth 17.5 % of the Certificate in Financial Studies.  Below are the headlines of the grades achieved by these year 12 students, they reflect the hard work, focus and dedication of Business and Finance students within Sawtry Village Academy.

A* :       41%

A*-A :   76.5%

A*-B :    88.2%

A special mention to Ryan Whitmore and Thomas Brooks who both achieved a score of over 97%.

Well done to all!

Gary Kennedy
Subject Leader: Business

ICAEW Base Competition

As part of the Sixth Form enrichment programme, four year 13 Business students participated in the ICAEW Base Competition (9.3.17).  This took place in Milton Keynes and involved 13 schools participating in a business challenge (based on an actual examined component of the ACA qualification).  Each group produced a 5 minute presentation based on their analysis and evaluation of a 36 page portfolio.  They were supported by a business mentor. This presentation was delivered to industry experts.

Sophie Godward, Christopher Mayo, Charlotte Cooke and Holly Underwood produced a presentation of such quality that they reached the final.  This involved four groups making their presentation again to (amongst others) the Financial Director of Luton Airport.

As well as reaching the final, all four students benefited from seeing their business knowledge and understanding being applied to the “real world”.

Certificates to be given out in assembly next week, to celebrate their dedication and hard work. Participation in this event was a great success and we look forward to offering it as part of the Sixth Form enrichment programme next academic year.

Gary Kennedy

Business Subject Leader


Certificate in Financial Studies (CeFS)
We received the results today for Unit 1: Financial Capability in the Short Term.  This is worth 50% of the Certificate and 25% of the Diploma (equivalent to an A level).

A*-A = 82.4%

A*-B =  88.2%

A number of outstanding performances including Will Furman and Ryan Whitmore who got an A* and Chloe Hawkins, Chloe Brett and Jamie Partis-Nelson who got an A.

Well done to the group who are the first students to student for this professional qualification at Sawtry Village Academy.

Well done to all the group, and to Mr Kennedy who set the course up and has taught it for the first time this year.

We are looking forward to some amazing results in the summer.

UCAS Application Process  (O-LB)

As a Year 13 student, this year is a crucial stage in deciding upon our future. Since September we have been involved in the UCAS process of applying to Universities. This has involved writing a personal statement which should accentuate your strengths as an individual and also demonstrate your experiences which are idyllic for the course you may be applying for. To ensure our personal statements were written to a high standard, external support was offered when two ladies from Anglia Ruskin came in and offered their expertise which was very valuable.  Alongside this your form tutor writes you a teacher reference to help distinguish you from other applicants and make your Uni application as strong as possible highlighting all of your strengths as an individual. The teachers help guide you through each step, especially Carolyn and Hayley who provide ample support.

Although Uni is not for everyone, Uni open days are a great way to get a feel for University life and whether it is the right thing for you or not. University is not the be all and end all, apprenticeships are certainly on the rise and very competitive. At this stage it is difficult for many to decide what to do post Sixth Form however there is plenty of support to ensure you are on the right track towards your future. We have had many University talks during assembly however the most enjoyable assembly talks have been from ex-students who started off small and have worked their way up to being highly successful, many of which had no idea what they wanted to achieve after leaving Sixth Form, it is these stories which are inspiring and demonstrate the endless opportunities outside of school.

Account from Hannah Wilson on Oxford University application

Applying to Oxford meant I had to complete my UCAS form by the earlier 15th October deadline. As with my applications to other universities, I had to wait to hear their decision about whether I had been given an interview. Unlike many other universities, Oxford’s interviews take place over several days so I had to stay at Lincoln College, Oxford for two days and was able to experience what university life there would be like. Several weeks after the interview, I received a letter giving me an offer for Oxford University.

Well done to Hannah!




Sixth Form Certificates

On Tuesday 13th December we have organised an informal event in the Academy library to collect GCSE and Sixth Form certificates.  Parents are also invited to this event if they would like to attend.  The evening will start at 6.30pm with refreshments and canapés followed by a presentation of Certificates for Merit, Achievement and Contribution to the Academy at 6.45pm.

The dress code is smart but informal, certificates will be available to ex-students from their past senior tutors.  There will also be an opportunity to view prom and past photographs showing how you have developed over the years.  Sixth formers and ex-students will be able to meet up and reminisce with one another at the end of the presentations.

If you are able to make the evening could you please indicate by email to Mrs Teresa Milne at, the number of people attending to allow us to plan the refreshments.  If you are unable to attend, your exam certificates can be collected by you (or a person nominated by you, they need to bring a signed letter giving them your permission) from the Examinations Department any time during normal school hours. Our preferred week for collection of exam certificates, if you can’t make the 13th December is Wednesday 4th January to Tuesday 10th January 2017.

Closing date for replies is Tuesday 6th December 2016

We hope to see you soon.

Gemma Carter (O-MAS)

Diary from competing in the European Championship for Kickboxing in Romania

We flew out on the 10th November 2016 from Birmingham airport. The flight was three hours long and there was a lot of sleep involved. When we landed, we went straight to the hotel and unpacked all our things. Team England then went out for a meal at this really nice steak house.

On the Friday, it was weigh in day and all of our team managed to make their weight categories. After that we all went to this big shopping centre, where there was an inside rollercoaster and ice rink. We spent all the afternoon there and did some shopping as well as go on the rollercoaster and we did go ice skating.

On Saturday was the first day of competition where points and continuous were happening. We saw all the teams competing, we had teams from Moldova, Italy, Germany, Azerbaijan, The Netherlands, Hungary and Romania. I won two silvers and two bronzes and my sister, Elizabeth won three golds and one silver. Overall the team did really well on that first day, as a result on the last day of competition we actually won a sword for winning the most on that day.

On the Sunday, it was Kick-lite and K1, in which we did really well as well winning three golds, one silver and 2 bronzes as a team. After that we all went out for a meal together and it was really nice.

On Monday, we out and looked around Bucharest city as well as seeing the palace, which is the second largest building in the world underneath the pentagon. We went the old part of the city where wars have destroyed buildings that haven’t fully recovered yet as there were half of buildings missing.

We came back on the Tuesday and it was snowing when we were about to take off and it was freezing and the flight was very good everyone on the team slept through the flight as we were all exhausted.

Well done Gemma!


SVA Encore by Adam Brown (O-LH)

Sawtry Village Academy’s summer production of “We Will Rock You” was a roaring success and saw the growth in the interest of drama amongst the pupils. In response to this, my team and I have started a club which runs during session 6 on Mondays called “SVA Encore”. We hope to promote drama skills within the academy and, in the process, develop the students’ social skills, helping less confident pupils make friends, and, primarily, benefit the community by putting on stellar performances within our school.

As a non-curriculum subject, funding has always been an issue for us so we are always looking for ways to boost funds to contribute towards the incredible natural talent at the academy. O2’s “Think Big” project has helped us greatly over the past few months after we were accepted for funding at the start of the year. We have already started using the funding to buy resources such as computers to help the technical side of a production. We have also used some of the funding to purchase learning resources such as books and scripts to help students further their knowledge in theatre.

In an SVA first, with the help of O2’s funding, we will be performing an abridged version of the immensely popular musical, Matilda, as our Christmas production. In the summer we will be performing “BACK TO THE 80S” – a musical featuring the most popular music from the 80s!


Adam Brown (O-LH)


George Garner – Career in Design.

On Monday 17th October, an ex-Sixth Form Student, George Garner was invited in to school  talking to current students interested in a Career in Design.

George works for a company called Play Design, who  work for global brands such as, Coca Cola, Apple,  Fred Perry and Adidas. They provide a complete design process right the way from research, design, strategy and manufacture. George was able to give the students an overall idea of the design process as well as career advice.

He spoke to our Sixth Form Students individually, in groups and in a year 12 lesson with Mr Hughes.

George has since passed on to these students some valuable work experience opportunities.

Thanks for coming George!

Tuesday 13th September 2016   Work Experience news

Because of wanting to study graphic design at university, over the summer I arranged for two weeks work experience at a graphic design firm in Peterborough, where I was set projects with pretend briefs, and then after during these two weeks I was also able to work on some live projects. I found it really helpful because not only would it be experience for my personal statement but it confirmed that I wanted to go into that industry. After these two weeks, I was then offered a temporary paid freelance position at the firm for the remainder of the holiday before returning back to school.

by Eloise (O-MAS)

Wednesday 20th July evening concert 2016

Special thanks go to the Destiny Africa volunteer group who organised the leaflets advertising the concert and distributed them around the local villages, organised for the posters to be displayed, as well as contacting primary schools to inform them of the concert as part of the charity week.  As always, everything goes well because people put the time and effort in to make it work and all this culminated in a fantastic show tonight.

Well done to the team.

poster SVA 20 July 16

Wednesday 20th July 2016

We have just had this lovely message from Miranda at Caresco:

I would also like to pass on my thanks to this fantastic group of girls. You have some very motivated and hard working individuals who have made a real difference to our charity last week. I was able to spend a fair amount of time with them & have passed on plenty of photos to them that I took over the week.

They worked hard at the fundraising, and I believe that additionally a sponsored walk was completed by three members of the group on Thursday. Any money collected would be in addition to the money already raised.
It was a fabulous total. We are acutely aware we do not have the same pulling power as the big branded charities.
The funds raised are really appreciated.

Some of the members gave up time on both of the weekends either side of the volunteering week, baking and running a car boot stall.
Additionally, the amount of hours doing hands on work within the charity totaled 62 hours. Five members of the team really engaged with the work we do and helped within the charity shop and the Vintage club (Day centre).
A special mention should be made for the gardening work they undertook at the CARESCO centre. It has made a big impact on the look of the garden. They also removed some huge weeds at the community centre (old Ag building) which is used as a store by ourselves, the food bank and SVA.

They undertook the work willingly and were a pleasure to have around.
Best wishes

Volunteers Manager, CARESCO

Friday 15th July 2016

The volunteer week has been brilliant (see for more details). All the groups have done so well raising money for their chosen charity and a lot of fun has been had at the same time.

Congratulations year 12, you’ve made a difference.

IMG_5167 IMG_5170 IMG_5171  image

Friday 1st July we welcomed Judy from the CPCO to our assembly

cpco logo

Anglia Ruskin University is leading the partnership with University Centre Peterborough (UCP), The College of West Anglia and The Skills Service Peterborough to deliver enhanced HE outreach activity across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

CPCO is committed to widening participation in Higher Education (HE) and to equip students (but also staff) with the impartial knowledge and information needed to make an informed decision about the best patheway into HE for them by providing a programme of Outreach Activities.

Judy gave a talk to our year 12 students informing them of the Summer Schools that are available to them this summer which sound fantastic.

Please think about applying for one of the summer schools, free of charge, they will pay for your travel and a night out….why wouldn’t you!

It is a brilliant opportunity.

Year 13 Leavers Day

Our year 13 students celebrated their Leavers Day on Friday 27th May. It is always such a special day, when students and staff come together to mark the end of the year 13’s time at Sawtry and of their school career.

Students arrived at school dressed in their finest clothes, they looked really smart and so grown up! A special lunch was put on for them and following this was the thing they had all been looking forward to, the final assembly.

Ellis Howe and Alex Pirie did a splendid job of being the hosts, supported by Rhys Williams, the year 13 resident IT specialist, who got an increasingly bigger round of applause with each time he leaped up on stage to help out with the technology. Everyone enjoyed watching the amazing video that Adam Mulley had compiled which went through good times inside and out of school from year 7 to the present day. We then had the Oscar styled awards, from student to student and staff to student, lots of cheering ensured when the winner of each category was read out.

The day ended with our special ‘Leavers Survival Bags’ being handed out to each student. The sixth form team had signed the bags personally for all year 13 students with a special message and the bag was filled with small gifts that had a meaning, a poem and a message from Mrs Wilson wishing them well. The students were very appreciative of the gesture. It was a wonderful day, full of fun and a day for year 13 students to fondly remember Sawtry by as they head out into the world.

Good luck year 13, we will miss you.




Head Boy and Head Girl Announcement. April 26th 2016

After a long application process, involving addressing all the students in their house assemblies, a whole school vote and an interview, we have great pleasure in announcing Sawtry’s new Head Boy and Girl. They are Chris Mayo and Almira Hussain, very well done to them both. Thanks to all the applicants, it was a very impressive field and they all performed brilliantly. Sincere thanks also must go to our outgoing Head Girl and Boy, Hollie Johnson and Aaron Parak, they have done a brilliant job in the first year of this role and we wish them all the best.

Head Girl Almira Hussain IMG_20160418_092345

Dates for the diary – Summer Term

  1. Weds 11th May Last Enrichment lesson
  2. Fri 13th May Year 12 last day
  3. Mon 16th May Year 12 study leave starts
  4. Fri 27th May Final assembly for Year 13. Lunch in Café from midday. Assembly in the Hall starting at 1.30pm
  5. Weds 15th June Year 12 back. Volunteer Charity Week planning meeting in the Hall for Year 12, 1.30pm -3.25pm
  6. Tues 21st June    UCAS Convention trip-Bedford University-All Day
  7. Weds 22nd June UCAS log on (in house) 1.30pm-3.25pm
  8. Fri 24th June    Year 11 Induction day
  9. Weds 29th June Huntingdon Racecourse-Young Driver Event 1pm-3.25pm
  10. Thursday 30th June   Year 13 Prom @ The Haycock Hotel Wansford, 7pm Start-All Staff Welcome
  11. Tues 5th July PLEDGES DAY
  12. Weds 6th July  Final planning preparation for the Volunteer Charity Week 1.30pm-3.25pm
  13. Thurs 14th July Visit to St Catherine’s College Cambridge-Selected Students
  14. Mon 11th July-Fri 15th July-Year 12 Volunteer Charity Week
  15. Weds 20th July Personal Statement Writing Workshop-1.30pm-3.25pm
  16. Thurs 21st July Sixth Form Sports Day – Last day of term


April 2016

Year 12 Geography Trip to Wales by Zena and Nicole O-CL

We looked forward to a week away from School, in the beautiful countryside of North West Wales! We were warned that it would be a cold, wet week and true to form the Welsh weather didn’t fail to deliver the rain…..and the hailstone….and the dark afternoons! We stayed in a good hostel, although our posture was tested to the limit with hard mattresses and wooden seating! We ate well all week with a good hearty cooked breakfast each morning, packed lunch provided when we were out and a welcome dinner in the evening.  Days were packed with intensive field work, returning to the hostel late afternoon to write up late into the evening our daily findings. Navigating through the market town of Dolgellau located on the River Wnion; testing the velocity of the river at Mawddach and the angularity and size of the rocks were interjected with quick escapes to the cafe for a warming cappuccino! The Shrewsbury flood defences gave us the opportunity to experience first hand a case study for our forthcoming exams, which will help us tremendously.  Our highlight was watersliding through the river, fully clothed in waterproofs…and freezing wellies!  An excellent but extremely cold educational trip. Thank you to the geography department for taking us.

Easter Ski Trip by Jack O-CL

I have just returned from the excellent ski trip which saw me head to the pistes for the very first time! The one small downside was the long, exhausting 18 hour coach trip, which was soon forgotten once we reached the slopes. I had such a fantastic experience, learning to ski in the beautiful mountains during the day and being given the chance to socialise with current and what has become a new set of friends in the evening. Even though the skiing was full on during the day, the evenings were filled with great team building activities that included broom skating, ice skating and also swimming! The end of week Award ceremony was a highlight in itself, bringing together all the weeks funny outtakes and mishaps! The trip was a valuable, unique experience which I can add to my Sawtry portfolio of memorable things!


Tuesday 8th March 2016

Year 12 students attended a “Walking Theatre” production ‘Wasted’ on drug driving today.

Through a unique blend of film, directly interacting with live theatre, ‘Wasted’ is a powerful and ground-breaking drama which explores the issue of drug driving within modern youth culture

‘Wasted’ seeks to educate and inform its audience that driving under the influence of drugs is highly dangerous and costs lives. Wasted portrays how drugs can have a dramatic effect on driving ability, with after-effects lasting for many hours, sometimes even days.

Finley Adamson writes …

“The Walking Theatre “Wasted” production was a new learning experience which captivated the audience. Their approach of acting in conjunction with using recorded video worked very well and had everyone engaged with the overall message; don’t drive under the influence of drugs. Year 12s found the production to be entertaining, educational and inspiring.”

We believe it is really important to educate sixth formers, as they embark on driving themselves and as they are likely to accept lifts from friends, on the importance of how dangerous it is to drive a car when under the influence of drink or drugs. The walking theatre’s lively performance was an excellent way to get this message across.

Sixth form walking theartre

Sixth form walking theatre

Tuesday 23rd February

A talk about joining the Army

Q & A

Monday 29th February 12.35pm

Sixth Form Centre

You are all welcome to join us and bring your lunch

See you there!


20th January 2016

Updated diary of talks/ events for this term:

22nd Jan Janet Harris-IAG Assembly
26th Jan Mocks
27th Jan Mocks
27th Jan Woodgreen-Lunch Time Career Drop in-with dogs. Yr 11 invited also
29th Jan Pledges assembly
5th Feb Amy Wilson-Student Life-Assembly-from Leeds Uni
8th Feb NHS Lunch time Career Drop in. Yr 11 also invited-Alvina Morey
11th Feb Oak Parents Evening
12th Feb Ana Janjevak-Calais Experience-Assembly
26th Feb Launch of Charity week-Assembly
29th Feb ARMY-Lunch Time Career Drop in
3rd March PLEDGE day
4th March Jamie Queen and Apprentices-Lunch Time Career Drop In-Job/Apprenticeship opportunities with Thomas Cook
11th March Chis Gray-GAP year experiences-Assembly
18th March Exams Assembly


21st June Bedford University-£10 cost to students
29th June Huntingdon Racecourse Young Driver event 1pm-3pm-cost to students to be advised due to input from the scheme

12th January 2016

Congratulations to Josh Tustanowski who has just received a conditional offer from Pembroke College, Cambridge to study Natural Sciences. We are delighted for him and wish him all the best.

Feb – March 2016 Careers Drop Ins 

There are several career drop in sessions organised for those of you who are not applying for university. Please see Carolyn or Hayley if you need any help and guidance with your future plans.


These meetings are open to all year 12 and year 13 students. They will take place in room Oak 6, from 12.35pm-1.25pm, unless otherwise stated.

Year 11 students are also welcome to attend.

Jamie from Thomas Cook more informtion

We are really pleased that Jamie will be able to join us on Friday 4th March 2016 for a “career drop in” meeting with our interested Sixth Form students, at lunch time. The meeting will be held in the Sixth Form Centre and run from 12.30pm to 1.30pm. Jamie will talk about his role at Thomas Cook, how he got to where he is now, and about any apprenticeship/ career opportunities at the company. The last 10 minutes will be for any questions the students may have.


10th December 2015

The Coca-Cola Enterprise workshop was a great success, Sam the team leader has given us the following comments from the day;

“The MyKindFuture with Coca-Cola Enterprise workshop at Sawtry Village Academy was a great success!  We were delighted to be joined by a sales representative from Coca-Cola Enterprise who was able to give a real life insight into her role and opportunities within sales.

 The workshop detailed what an apprenticeship is as another route of education and the brilliant opportunity available at Coco-Cola Enterprise for some potential apprentices.  It also outlined skills that are required in sales, which lots of the students didn’t realise.  I think we definitely changed a few opinions about what a job in sales involves.  The students were then involved in an elevator pitch designed to market themselves.  This is an invaluable skill to take with them for interview etc. and getting used to thinking of their skills, achievements and being able to articulate that positively and professionally.  They worked well in teams and also on their own pitches and I was delighted to have some volunteers brave enough to read them out to the group.

The last part of the session was an opportunity for the students to work on their submissions for the challenge of marketing where they are from.  The majority of students really relished the challenge, trying to think of positive aspects of their area and then thinking of creative ways to portray that.  We had some speeches, newspaper articles and posters.  There were also those students who wanted to create a film or photo college so submitted plans of what they intend to submit.  Both myself and Dally from Coca-Cola were really impressed.  Some students took photos of what they worked on to continue at home, whilst others submitted their final ideas in the session.

Thank you Carolyn for your support on the day and if you could encourage the students to submit their final work or ideas at or email Penny at for any help. 

Thanks again and hope to see some of your students at the finale day”. Sam

Thank you for making us so welcome, and I hope we are able to work together again in the not too distant future.


Jo Manlow
MKF Business Support Manager

CragRats (UK) Limited working in partnership MyKindaFuture


3rd December 2015

All Saints Church- the originator of Sawtry Village Academy’s ‘Saints House’-  held a Christmas Tree Festival to mark the start of Advent. Every Form at SVA created a tree, up to 4ft high and made from either traditional materials or more creative ones. Each tree was given a title and decoration that promoted SVA and the five Houses.

The winning tree in each House was taken over to the church by House Captains on Friday 27th November and can be viewed on the weekend of 5-6 December: Saturdays between 10am-4pm and Sunday between 2pm-4pm.   All proceeds from the Festival will be donated to the earthquake victims in Nepal through Community Action Nepal (CAN).  If you would like to make a donation to the cause, please feel free to send a donation to Community Action Nepal, Reg Charity 1067772.

My form- O-GD in Oak House, the VIIth Form House- produced a tree called ‘The Recyclospruce’ made entirely from recycled materials. Many of these were upcycled from the school’s recently-updated heating system: Recyclospruce was literally made of and by Sawtry Village Academy! Students used a 4 foot piece of retired steel pipe as the trunk of the tree, the branches were made from coat-hangers trimmed to length and the resulting whole was decorated with plaited electrical wire as tinsel and baubles made from receipts from the Academy’s on-site coffee shop, folded into globes using the students’ origami skills.

The tree from O-VB was the eventual winner in Oak House: another recycled entry, made from plastic plumbing parts, although you would never know to look at it! The students were all very proud of their achievement, their creations and the money they raised.

Oak HouseChristmas Tree                    Barnsley's Baubles

Gareth Davies


Form Tutor, O-GD


25th November 2015

Please sign up with Carolyn if you would like to attend this COCA-COLA Apprenticeship workshop, detailed below. 30 places available-first come basis.


A workshop will take place in December for any  13 student interested in an apprenticeship. All Students have been invited to attend and will book their place at the workshop with Carolyn, in Sixth Form.

What will the workshop focus on?

The two hour workshop will highlight how Coca Cola Enterprises base their work within the local communities.

What happens after the workshop?

The students who submit a successful, creative imaginative entry to the CCE challenge will be invited to attend a ‘Youth Event Day’ hosted by CCE.  The aim of this day is to allow students to learn more about the apprenticeship programme and meet CCE employees face to face .  The students who engage and impress on the day will be invited to a CCE ‘Assessment Day’ to interview for a place on the apprenticeship scheme.

What benefits will your students get?

This CV enhancing opportunity will help your students learn more about CCE’s business and the employment opportunities within this industry.  Your students will gain a unique insight into CCE and the departmental structure of a large corporation (focus on sales) and help students to start thinking about their future career paths and opportunities.


17th – 24th November 2015

Over the past week we have presented cheques to representatives from Age UK and Sue Ryder from money raised during volunteer week in July.

Nielish Patel from The Sue Ryder Charity, was presented with a cheque for £1162.35, from a group of Sixth Form Students that worked with the Charity over the Summer. Their activities included:

A sponsored bike ride

Football tournament

Sponsored silence

Groundwork at Thorpe Hall

A massive cake sale


Car wash

Debbie Howland from Age UK was delighted to accept a cheque for £497.17 earlier in the week.

A massive well done and thank-you to all concerned.

Sue Ryder Cheque presentation             Sue Ryder rep accepting cheque



Age UK             Age UK

11th November 2015

Congratulations to Tom Jackson, a year 13 student, on becoming a fully trained British Army Soldier for the Reserves. Here’s an account from Tom of his recent training:

My name is Thomas Jackson, I am 19 years old and in Year 13 at Sawtry Village Academy, studying Btec Science and ICT. However I am also a Private in the Army Reserves for 200 HQ Squadron of 158 Royal Logistics Corps. I passed out of Phase 1 Bravo Training on Saturday the 7th of November which I started on the 23rd of October at ATR Grantham with previously completing Phase 1 Alpha (1 week long) at ATR Grantham and before that completing army selection at Litchfield (3 days). Completing all of this training now means that I am a fully trained British Army Soldier for the Reserves.

During my training on Phase 1 Bravo I had to complete several tests, these being; A 4, 5 and 6 mile loaded march within a time limit carrying a total of 15kg in my Burgen and carrying my rifle while in full uniform. I also had to complete a map reading test (a practical and theory), Battlefield Casualties Drill practical, Basic Life Support practical, A CBRN Practical in which I had to be exposed to CS gas for up to a minute to experience how the General Service Respirator performs, a firing movement test under contact with blank rounds and finally a live firing exercise. During the training I was deployed into the field for 4 days and 3 nights performing patrols and conducting drills for firing and other aspects of field activities.

I am soon moving on to complete my Rad Ops course and gaining several driving licences, as my position within my unit is as a Rad Ops Driver.

TJ in uniform remembrance day 15

Well done Tom!


6th November 2015

Charity week totals are in.

At the end of the summer term, all year 12 take part in charities week. You can see what the students got up to on the student life page of this website. The total money raised was:

Age UK     £497.17

Macmillan     £624

Caresco     £81

Sue Ryder   £1162.35

This is an amazing achievement, in money terms, but it is also important to praise the work that some groups did on painting fences, gardening etc which didn’t raise money, but really helped the charities in other important ways.


19th October 2015

In charities week, the following students completed a 24 hour isolation for age UK.  They produced a video of their experience and this has been sent to us from age UK with a letter of thanks.  They also presented their video at the age UK AGM at the Bull Hotel last week to an audience of about 90 people.

Jack McDermott

Robert Wadsley

Haydn Baker

Elliott Howard

Adam Mulley

I’m sure you will agree, the video is a fantastic example of why charities week is so important in raising awareness of issues faced by many people. We are proud of how year 12 embraced the week in their many varied ways.

16th October 2015

A new Head Boy and Head Girl have been elected after a vote involving the whole of the school community.
A hard fought campaign was run over the course of the week with candidates canvassing for votes across the school. Each candidate presented their ideas at assemblies throughout the course of last week to try and get as many votes as possible.

At the end of the week votes were cast by a significantly large proportion of staff and students. Huge congratulations to Aaron Parak who was elected as Head Boy and to Hollie Johnson who was elected as Head Girl. Additionally, there are several sixth form students who have applied for the role of senior student, two students will be selected to represent each of the four houses, as soon as this is done the new team will set to work to fulfil their election promises.

The sixth form team will help ensure that Sawtry Village Academy’s vision of inclusion is met. The team will ensure that each member of the student body has a voice and will be represented in an effective way.

Well done and good luck in your new roles!

head boy girl SSW

Sawtry’s new Head Boy, Aaron Parak and Head Girl, Hollie Johnson with the Principal, Sarah Wilson.

14th September 2015

THE SVA COMMUNAL CAFÉ by Toby, year 13

The brand new café has inspired communication across sixth form life. It’s not only a chance to enjoy a morning coffee or an afternoon tea, but also a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and share a laugh. The café has already shown how it can bring people together and create new friendships.

The café offers a great selection of refreshments from a wide range of teas, coffees and other hot drinks, to paninis, sandwiches, salads, fruit pots or muffins. It also offers a lunch time option, which changes daily, including a fantastic homemade Chilli Con Carne. The slick design leather seats with black tables and the outdoor seating area allows extra comfort whilst enjoying the café goods.

The café is a fantastic addition to the 6th form and fits in very well. It shows of the maturity of the 6th form students who are already treating it as a privilege and respecting it with care.


13th – Friday 17th July 2015

Year 12 volunteer week has been a great success. Students have been working hard for their chosen charity and having a lot of fun in the process.

There has been staff car washing, painting fences, cake sales, , bag collections, zorbing for the younger years, bag packing at local supermarkets, sponsored silence/ technology deprivation/ walk up Snowden/ spinning bikes/ walking around Grafham Water to name a few.

Well done to all of year 12, final totals are being counted and grand totals will be posted soon.

IMG_4974  IMG_4963 IMG_4881 Grafham



Friday 10th July 2015

Look who retweeted Byron to his 3.2 M followers…….John Bishop!

John Bishop's retweet of Byron's talk

Wednesday 8th July 2015

We welcomed Sue Dixon and Byron Geldard to talk to the sixth formers about breast and testicular cancer awareness. Byron, spoke about the good work of the Teenage Cancer Trust and talked about his experience of being diagnosed in August 2014. Read his blog here. Sue Dixon is a qualified nurse and explained the risk factors for breast and testicular cancers, along with how to spot the signs of cancer. Both Byron and Sue stressed the importance of getting any signs or symptoms checked out as soon as possible, as the early that cancer is diagnosed, the easier it is to treat.

IMG_4795 IMG_4800 IMG_4798