Year 10 Sixth Form Taster Sessions

Year 10 Sixth Form taster sessions 2018

The feedback from the day has been really positive and we hope to develop a sixth form experience day for year 10 next year which will be a whole day of taster sessions and will also give students time to spend in the sixth form centre and to learn more about the sixth form in general.

Henry, year 10, said about the sessions:

‘Firstly, the subjects I chose for the day were; Film Studies, Chemistry, Finance, Business and History. The sixth form day lived up to my expectations and even surpassed them with the opportunities and insight into five potential subjects I would like to take and what they have to offer.

Film Studies was an interesting exercise where I was shown the material we would study and a brief explanation. Chemistry is very important to me due to it being my top priority to study in sixth form. Thirty minutes studying it in a year 12 atmosphere confirmed that. Finally History was the most fascinating subject due to the topics we were told we would be taught, they are highly appealing’.